Window Protection

Cool RV Windows now offers pre-cut perforated window vinyl for most popular RV's

The perforated vinyl is available in several different patterns such as 70/30, 80/20 and 60/40 (most popular) which means the vinly blocks 70, 80, or 60% of the visable light from coming in the window.

The vinyl can be also printed on as shown in the example below.

                    • Drastic reduction in heat gain. Glass will remain the same termperature as the gelcoat, often a 20 degree reduction in termperature.
                    • Daytime privacy. See out but not in! At night, we recomend your RV's standard pull down curtains for total privacy.
                    • Glass integrety: Holds glass together if stuck by rock or hail.
                    • Reduced strain on cooling systems during the summer
                    • Reduced fade on interior curtains and fabrics due to sun reduction into the RV.
                    • 2 Year warranty on all dealer or user installed kits.


Please note that a window is "1" cut. A window that has a large, fixed glass and two openable windows below it it considered "3" cuts (or windows) and not "1"

In the example below, there are 4 windows but actually 8 "cuts". So when ordering your kit, please specify 8 cuts and not just the number of windows.